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Sharing wisdom and truth help people know themselves and reach their potential. The combination of Rich’s engaging, insightful, inspiring life story and sincere speaking style, captivates audiences of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Rich is committed to helping you achieve your personal best. He is an accomplished Speaker, Mentor and facilitator with over 25 years of Business Leadership experience.

Strategies For Success

Above all, Rich enjoys sharing messages which help others to realize their greatest potential, persevere through adversity, and fulfill their life’s purpose. As he puts it, he experiences his greatest joy as a speaker when he can “See the light bulb go on full blast!” in the listener.

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About Rich

Richard Page, was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and received his B.S. degree in  Aerospace Engineering from Syracuse University. He began his engineering career at the  Grumman Aerospace Corp., in Long Island, NY and was selected to work as a flight performance engineer on the US Air Force Joint-STARS project in Melbourne, FL.

After receiving a M.S. degree in Systems Engineering, Richard joined the Boeing Company as a Flight Operations Airline Support Engineer and Training Group Instructor. 

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Just Messing Around

Welcome to my “Just Messing Around” blog post. You all know me as a pretty serious guy that is always tightly focused on serious subjects like “Why Life Matters”, “Say My Name” personal purpose and




Say My Name, Say My Name, Say My Name.

“Say my name, say my name        If no one is around you say “Baby I love you”        If you ain’t runnin’ game,     Say my name, say my name        You actin’